Simplify YourPayment Process With Digital Checks

PayToMe makes it easy to create and send digital checks to recipients through email or directly by post. No more hassle, let us take care of your checks today!
Payment Process With Digital Checks
Create Custom Checks In just a few clicks!
  • Effortlessly create, customize, and send your digital check online.
  • Digital checks serve the same purpose as physical checks which means that they can be sent online or by mail via USPS, your choice!
Simplify Your Billing Workflow

How We Manage &Send Your Checks

via E-Mail

via E-Mail

Payees can print checks on blank stock papers using any printer and deposit them in the bank like a regular check. Our platform also allows you to track emails to ensure that payees receive the check.

via Mail

via Mail

We can print, label, and mail your checks on the same business day. Just give us the recipient's info and your bank details, and we'll take care of the rest. Your checks will be delivered by USPS/FedEx, as if you sent them personally.

Get Paid Timely & Efficiently

Your payments are processed the moment your recipient hits send, which means you can streamline your payment process, ensuring timely, secure, and hassle-free transactions.

Timely & Efficiently
Send with Ease

Just enter the recipient's information and payment amount, and effortlessly send your check with PayToMe’s all-in-one digital checkbook platform. We’ve simplified creating digital checks, so you can save time.

Send with Ease
Track Your Payments Anytime, Anywhere

Stay organized with PayToMe's Bill Tracker. Easily manage your bills and stay on top of due dates. Track payment history and monitor changes over time. Set up reminders or automate transactions for hassle-free bill management.

Track Your Payments
Seamless Integration with Your Banking App

Through PayToMe, your digital checkbook can seamlessly be integrated with your bank. This enables automated and convenient payment processing. Which means you can easily manage and oversee your transactions, making payments an effortless experience.


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